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While the economy has rebounded from the recession that first hit the United States in 2008, there are many people that still have not been able to fully recover from the financial wreck that occurred at this time. May individuals, homeowners, and business owners faced and continue to face very hard time, finding it difficult to meet obligations. Situations like this can leave you feeling there is nowhere to turn and that bankruptcy may be your only option. Before you start to look at bankruptcy as an option seriously, you want to take the time to talk to a bankruptcy law office in Van Nuys like ours at the law office of Karin Karadijan so you can learn about the law changes.

Laws Have Made Bankruptcy Different| Bankruptcy Law Office in Van Nuys

For a time in the 1990s and early 2000s, many people were taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws to file easily and get out from underneath the debt they were experiencing. Federal laws and regulations have changed a great deal since then to make it so that those that truly need the help bankruptcy offers have the opportunity to use it. There are different criteria that you need to meet now under the law to prove that you cannot meet your financial obligations and that bankruptcy is the only and best viable option for you. Depending on the outcome of the means tests that you are subject to can determine the type of bankruptcy you may qualify for.

Getting Legal Guidance

It is important that if you are considering bankruptcy that you talk to a bankruptcy law office in Van Nuys first. Here at the law office of Karin Karadijan, we are very familiar with all of the current bankruptcy laws and can provide you with the insight and guidance you need and this difficult time in your life. We can help you go over your situation, discuss your case at length and help you to determine what the best steps are for you to take moving forward. We can guide you to the right type of bankruptcy for your situation so you can begin the process properly.

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If you need the advice and assistance of a bankruptcy law office in Van Nuys, make sure to contact us at the law office of Karin Karadijan. We will be glad to arrange for a free consultation so that you can discuss your situation and learn how we can help you. All you need to do is give our office a call at 949-565-0900 to speak to us and schedule an appointment, or you can go to our website at and fill out our request form for a consultation so we can arrange a day and time to meet with you.