hot glue gun and a glue stick

Get a Glue Stick for All Your Craft Work

It seems like more people today than ever before are involved in arts and crafts. Whether it is making things with your kids, coming up with creative ideas to make things for your home, arts and crafts that you do for your business or you like to make things to give out as gifts, you can find all kinds of creations going on. For nearly all these projects, there is one thing in common – the need for some adhesive to make it all hold together. If you are looking to make your craft work easier, you should consider using a hot glue gun and a glue stick to do your work.

glue sticks and hot glue gun

An Easy Use for You

The hot glue gun has been a godsend to the arts and crafts world. It allows you to use a water-based adhesive and heat to bond two materials together without a fuss. The guns are very easy to use. All you need to do is place one of the sticks of glue into the glue gun and allow the gun to heat up the glue, making it easier to spread and more pliable. The melted glue can then get placed where it is needed by holding the trigger down on the gun so you can spread the glue. It is perfect to use for many crafts, including making wreaths, scrapbooking, and more.

Finding the Glue

Getting a glue stick for your hot glue gun can be easy for you. The sticks are readily available from many craft stores, supermarkets, and other locations, but you want to make sure you get the size of the stick that fits your gun. You may also want to shop around to see if you can get a good price and buy your glue in bulk if you use a lot of it. Shopping with us at FACSCO Global Store Supply Inc. can make it much easier and more affordable for you.

All Your Supplies Here

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