Santa Monica pawn shop

Do Your Shopping at a Santa Monica Pawn Shop

 Do Your Shopping at a Santa Monica Pawn Shop

You have spent countless hours walking through the local malls looking for just the right gift for that special someone in your life. Perhaps they have a birthday coming up, your anniversary is around the corner, or you just want to get something special, so they know just how much they mean to you. Whatever the situation may be, you are still not finding anything that strikes your fancy at the stores you have looked in. On top of all that, every place you go into seems to have outrageous prices for anything they sell. Is there a place you can go to find quality merchandise at prices you can afford? Luckily for you, there is when you shop at our Santa Monica Pawn Shop at Diamond Jewelry and Loan.


A Selection to Wow You

When you walk into our pawn shop, you likely will be amazed at the eclectic selection of items we offer for sale. We are constantly getting new and interesting items into our stock that we offer for sale, so there is a good chance you will locate that something special you have been seeking. If you want jewelry, we have everything you are looking for, with a great selection of diamond and gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. We offer luxury watches, fine china and silverware, antiques and collectibles, electronics, works of art and much more so you are sure to find a gift that is perfect for your situation.

Prices You Cannot Believe

You might think that with the wide selection of items we have at our Santa Monica Pawn Shop that you will see nothing but high prices, but the truth is you will find the best deals on these items right here at Diamond Jewelry and Loan. Since we are not like your usual retail stores, we do not have to mark up items in the same way and can offer what we have for prices that are far below what you may see in other places. This gives you a perfect chance to pick up a gift or two for less than what you would spend at the mall.

Get Your Shopping Done

You can stop spending hours wandering aimlessly around the mall in frustration. Instead, come to our Santa Monica pawn shop at Diamond Jewelry and Loan and get just what you are looking for. You can find out all about our shop when you visit our website at You can also call our shop directly at 323-469-1319 to ask any questions or see if we have something you might be looking for at just the right price.