How To Dress Up And Accessorize Like Gabrielle Coco Chanel?

Gabrielle Coco Chanel

As a French fashion designer, Gabrielle Coco Chanel changed how women dressed up around the world. Despite being born poor, she rose to fame with her name associated with luxury and elegance. You can channel her fashion style without purchasing a lot of clothes. Just a string of pearls and a beautiful black dress will do.

The Dress

Coco Chanel loved to wear a little black dress. But before she made this trend, the wearing of black dress was used for mourning periods. Another signature dress of Chanel was a pair of wide-leg pants. Her style was high-waisted to mid-rise versions. The pants must be in white. In the summer, Coco Chanel loved to wear them with espadrilles.

A Tweed Suit

This kind of outfit includes a jacket with a ribbon trim but without a collar. Then, don’t forget the pencil skirt. It wasn’t only Chanel who loved wearing it but also Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Thanks to them, this kind of suit is still being sold and popular today. If you want a more elaborate version, you should include a matching hat.

How To Accessorize Like Coco Chanel?

The fashion designer loved wearing multiple strands of pearls. They were her everyday accessory. Then, she paired it with pillbox hat in black and white color. She wasn’t afraid of sporting costume jewelry. After all, she was Coco Chanel who could always make a fashion statement. But keep in mind that your pieces of jewelry don’t need to be expensive. She also loved wearing different types of jewelry all at once. You would often see her wearing necklaces, ring, and studs. You can never go wrong with vintage Chanel collection that you can find at Vintage Chanel Store for your bracelets, earrings, and necklaces needs. And don’t forget to invest in shoes. Coco Chanel was quoted saying that a woman who wears good shoes is never ugly.

Embracing New Trend

Coco Chanel was a fashion setter. But she also embraced and tried unusual combinations. She believed that fashion would become unfashionable. Then, don’t be afraid to try black and white combinations. It is her favorite color combination. Of course, never go out without a signature scent. You may choose her fragrance collection but it must not always like that. Don’t be afraid to try something different that truly defines who you are and your clothing. And make sure to switch fragrances.