Is Vaporizer Healthier Than Smoking?


Vaporizers are useful. However, not all people understand how they work or why they become a great tool, especially if you smoke cannabis. One of the most adverse effects of Cannabis is stemmed from the inhalation methods. It is easy to ignite the buds to release the various compounds that give the plant its potency. However, the combustion effects can cause harmful changes to your respiratory system. Smoke inhalation can deliver those damaging carcinogens and other toxic materials to your bronchial tree and the lungs. One of the most immediate effects you will experience is the irritation on your windpipe. Then, long-term exposure to a hot smoke can be very hard on your lungs.

The Vaporizer Functions

Vaporizers heats the cannabinoids to their boiling temperature. The buds won’t burn or produce copious amounts of smoke. The reason for this is that a vaporizer dehydrates the buds and release their yields without the need to fire it up and mix with chemicals in the air. As regards to health and speed of delivery, you will also find vaporizer as the winner. Indeed, the vaporizers offer plenty of impressive benefits. One of them is that you can eliminate the nasty byproducts produced by smoking. That said, there is no need for you to use an ashtray because the buds can be disposed of quickly. You also don’t have to deal with clogged pipes or resin buildup. Plus, your teeth will no longer be stained as a result of that hot smoke.

Then, there’s the elimination of the scent of smoke. Although you can’t eliminate it entirely, the smell doesn’t linger as long as smoke does. Plus, the smell does not go as far as smoke. It’s an incredible benefit if you want to prevent the smell from accumulating into your curtains, clothing or hair. Apart from those benefits, there’s also a huge chance that your neighbors won’t be exposed to your secondhand smoke or deal with an unwanted smell.

Financially-Savvy Choice

The final and best benefit of a vaporizer is that it’s a more efficient way to smoke. When you smoke, the compounds in the buds continue to dissolve in the air, whether you inhale them or not. The reason for this is that the fire continues to burn them for as long as there’s a fuel supply. But vaporizers don’t. Instead, they preserve the content and deliver a significant amount of ingredients through the nature of vaporization. If you’re looking for the best vaporizers on the market, please visit CloudPen and try one of its affordable vaporizers.