Looking for a Kindergarten close to Studio City?

Young children are often open to all kinds of new experienced and adventures, and taking them to a preschool can help them to develop skills and talents from a very early age. St Paul’s First Lutheran church offers children the best start to life, and can give them advantages which they would not experience with other preschools. If you are looking for a Kindergarten close to Studio City, then you should consider St Paul’s First Lutheran Preschool as one of the best.

How we can develop your children

St Paul’s believes in helping children to learn about God and Jesus Christ, and we can help your child to take their first steps to Christian morality and an understanding of the word of God. At the preschool, we can help children by offering them spiritual support and the beginnings of an education which will last them a lifetime. We can also provide them with the supportive Christian environment which will allow them to grow socially, emotionally and physically as they learn more about the world and their place in it. These early years are vital to ensure that children grow up dedicated to Christian values and morals.

Kindergarten Reading

Our Preschool objective272

You want to make sure that your child gets the best education possible, and we aim to achieve this right from the Preschool intake with a series of objectives. These include helping families to teach their children about God and salvation, helping them to grow through Christian stewardship of their gifts, talents and understanding. We hope to help each child to better express their faith, and to develop their talents by a focus on learning and experiences. We teach children to take care of themselves and their bodies by showing them how they are temples of God, and we also aim to encourage children to feel happy in a school environment, ready for their first step into kindergarten.

Reaching further with Preschool

In addition to teaching children within an educational environment, St Paul’s is very much about the community, and starts helping children to socialize from the start. We offer a number of dedicated events, allowing children to learn how to socialize. The majority of events are free, although we sometimes charge a fee in order to cover crafting materials or supplies. Events are hosted within our church and school, and so we offer a more secure environment for young children to start learning about the community.