Why choose our Burbank Christian school?

Education is vital for every child, and the benefits of a good education offer more than just a good grounding in Arts and Sciences. Just as important is the way that children are taught about society, its values and, in particular, the Christian teachings and morals, which can help a child in a very anti- social world. St Paul’s First Lutheran Church Christian School offers our children the benefits of a high-class education and also improves their hearts and souls, ready for the real world. Like John Milton, the Christian school believes that children should be given a sound knowledge of God and Christ, and help them develop a strong faith and character.

History of the Christian School

The Christian School was built in 1947, and 65 children were enrolled in the first year, attending four grades which were established in 2 classrooms. Another 30 children were turned down for a place as there was no room for them. The demand for the school’s high-quality teaching and Christian education meant that there was always a much greater demand for places than the building could hold. Within 3 years, another building had been constructed, and still enrollment was at full capacity. In the next decade, another building was constructed, now known as Faith Hall, which includes a stage, gym and classrooms. Since 1968, there have been regular additions to the Christian schools, including Wagner Hall, a library and computer lab, and repeated upgrades to the latter. Since 2005, there has also been a summer program.

Christian School History

Community and the Christian School

One of the biggest reasons to join St Paul’s is that the staff and school teams work hard to make every child feel excited about coming to Christian school. The children become part of our family, and are valued for their own particular qualities, rather than being forced into a mold of the typical student. This emphasis upon the individual child is a part of what makes St Paul’s a vital part of the North Hollywood community, and helps us to develop well-rounded children who have a thirst for knowledge and exploration. Our children do well in a range of academic fields, as well as technology, performing arts, athletics and leadership. The school can help to turn around troubled teenagers, and can restore the confidence and socialization of many children who have had a rough start to life. Our understanding and Christian values help to turn these children into valued individuals.