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Now It Is Possible to Become A Virtuoso with The Help of Dr. Doris Chiang

There is something about seeing a piano recital or a real virtuoso playing the piano that can be completely mesmerizing for you. You are able to hear classical pieces that you may or may not be familiar with performed in a way that can truly take your breath away. If you really enjoy listening to this type of music performed then you likely are willing to go out of your way to find someone that is truly at the top of her field. Now imagine you were the real virtuoso; nothing is out of reach when the will to reach is present, that’s when Dr. Doris Chiang steps in to help.

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Amazing Career Achievements

Dr. Chiang has been an active soloist and chamber music participant for a number of years in the Orange County area. She has her Doctorate in Musical Arts from the University of Southern California and has participated in master classes with some of the finest pianists known today. Not only is she a renowned performer in the area, but Dr. Chiang also provides instruction and lessons on the piano for people of all ages. She has a well-established reputation as one of the best teachers in the region and has helped many of her students accomplish award-winning performances of their own at various recitals and festivals.

Find Her Performances

Dr. Chiang does current performances at local schools and churches in the area and can also be found at various other venues in the southern California region. She is a regular participant in the concert series held each at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church so you can take the opportunity to enjoy her music there. You can also check her calendar of events on her website for regular updates and postings about performances she may have scheduled so you can be sure to always find out just where she is going to be playing during the year.

If you are looking for a day or evening out where you can list to some of the finest piano music you can hear then you will want to make yourself aware of just where Dr. Doris Chiang is going to be playing. You will certainly be rewarded with a performance that will leave you awestruck and perhaps even inspired to undertake learning to play the piano. Call the studios of Dr. Doris Chiang to start learning at  (562) 537-7548