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Ease Conflict with Relationship Counseling Los Angeles

Relationship therapy is often a very specialized field, since it involves talking to people about very intimate connections. Whether it is a conflict with a work colleague, or problems within your marriage, relationship counseling Los Angeles could be the key to getting yourself back on track. You can get help when you seek advice from Yvonne Thomas, PhD, an experienced therapist who can help you through your problems and allow you to receive some closure. For anyone who is having difficulties with someone else in their life, this type of therapy is the best way to achieve peace and prevent stress from making the situation worse.

Coming together for healing

Many people who seek Yvonne’s help come to her to find a resolution to problems with their most intimate relationships. They are in conflict with a partner or spouse and need help to sort it out without causing even more emotional conflict. When they come to talk to her, she will help them to try and reach a resolution themselves, either by choosing to attend one-on-one counseling alone, or by talking to their partner and learning to explain and listen. Only with these types of resolutions can anything positive come from relationship problems, and sometimes, even this comes too late to bring the couple together. When you enter into this therapy, the main aim is to bring you both to a point of healing, either to choose to stay together, or to part amicably.

relationship therapist los angeles

Emotional counseling

When couples come to Yvonne with issues in their relationship, at least one party expects her to find a resolution which will make them feel better about themselves, and perhaps also ‘prove’ the other party wrong. However, within one session they will start to realize that working together in a relationship does not mean putting all of the blame on to one party, and that both people in the relationship will have to work together to resolve their differences. No-one is wrong, no-one is perfect, and couples who realize this quickly can go on to save their relationship. If one party refuses to recognize this part of the therapy, then the end of the relationship is almost certain. Yvonne helps you to negotiate your way around this problem, to a point where you can both feel content about your emotional connection.

Start couples therapy today

Relationship counseling Los Angeles is a choice that many couples make when they are going through a period of emotional upset or outside stresses. If you want to find a way to talk to each other in a safe environment, then you should reach out to Yvonne Thomas, PhD. She has the knowledge and experience to be able to help both of you work out the issues in the relationship. To start your journey as a couple today, you need to book a session using the online form, or call for a free consultation worth $75 at (310) 359-9450 now.