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Things You Must Do For Couples Counseling Los Angeles To Really Work

When you and your partner put in the time, effort and expense of visiting couples counseling Los Angeles, you want it to pay off and help guide you towards mending your broken relationship with your partner. However, there are things inside and outside of the counselor’s office that you should be doing to ensure that things are moving in a positive and healthy direction.

Have an Open Mind                

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t believe in therapy and talking about your feelings then it’s likely that you are going to enter the first meeting with reluctance (or not at all). If your partner has suggested therapy, don’t take it as an attack and try instead to have an open mind. The person you are sitting down with has met with hundreds of couples who are in your same shoes and they may have much more insight on how to fix and address things                                       

Assume YOU are Part of the Problem

You may think that you have been the shining example of a partner during the duration of your relationship with your significant other. This is a bad attitude to have. Instead, assume that you are a part of the issues. No one is perfect, not even you so keep an open mind and be ready to address your role in the issues within your relationship.

Heed Your Therapist’s Advice

If you are spending the time and money to sit for an hour and hash things out you should also be listening to the advice you are given. You wouldn’t go to your doctor with a cold or pulled muscle and entirely ignore their medical advice would you? A therapist works on healing relationships and yours is currently sick/broken so listen to their suggestions on making things better.

Keep it Between You Two

Some of us have a nasty habit for sharing every intimate detail with our best friends, mother’s siblings and anyone else we are close to. Sharing your relationship problems with your family and friends may embarrass your partner or make them resentful and uncomfortable speaking the truth during counseling sessions.

Don’t file for Divorce or Threaten in While in Counseling

If you and your partner are making an honest effort to get counseling and fix your relationship then don’t threaten divorce when you are frustrated. Continue along the counseling process, heed advice and exhaust all options before quitting and throwing in the towel.

Don’t Download Tinder

When troubles arise in your relationship don’t download Tinder to ‘see what’s out there’. Your wandering eyes can quickly become a wandering heart as well. Don’t give up on your relationship at the first signs of trouble. Seeing who is on the ‘market’ might make you less emotionally/physically available to return to your partner.

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If you think you may need Couples Counseling Los Angeles for your marriage you may want to schedule a counseling session with Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Yvonne Thomas. Dr.Thomas has over 20 years of experience with working with her clients to address their marriage issues. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can do so online or by calling  (310) 359-9450